Arcade Hoop
Arcade Hoop
Arcade Hoop
Arcade Hoop
Arcade Hoop
Arcade Hoop
Arcade Hoop
Arcade Hoop
Arcade Hoop

Arcade Hoop

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testimonials Best basketball hoops accessory ever! Genius invention that allows you to play basketball at night!

- Gary Miler

testimonials Got this for my son and he loves it. It's super cool to see the lights when you score a goal. Gonna have lot's of father-son bonding time from now on!

- Paul Lazric

Benefits you'll love:

tick Voted #1 Gift 2019
tick AWESOME Lights with Sensors
tick Makes Playing Basketball 10x More FUN
tick Online Exclusive - Not Sold in Retail Stores

Play Night Basketball Like Never Before

Light up your hoop like the arcade! Revvlo™ Arcade Hoop lights up the rim of your basketball hoop every time you score, with up to one hundred unique light patterns. Revvlo™ Arcade Hoop is the world's first sensor-activated basketball goal light designed to attach onto any basketball hoop.

Our Arcade Hoop sensor is 99% accurate and makes playing basketball at night super fun & easy! With Revvlo™ Arcade Hoop, you'll never miss any more scores due to poor lighting at night, and make your friends go WOW every single time!

Sensor Activated

Revvlo™ Arcade Hoop comes with a sensor that will detect when you score a goal on the hoops. It will change color briefly to celebrate with you when you make a goal!


Weather Proof, Water-Resistant

You'll never have to worry about rainy damaging your Arcade Hoop! All of our Arcade Hoops are encased in waterproof tubing which makes it highly resistant to change in moisture, precipitation, temperature, and UV rays.

High Quality & Durable

Revvlo™ Arcade Hoop is made with quality material to keep the fun going night after night. It is designed to withstand force from the ball and other forms of direct impact.

Get this now and turn your basketball hoop into your personal arcade to experience this new basketball sensation. Trust me, you'll never want to stop shooting!

How to use:

  1. Unscrew the battery case and put in 4 AA Batteries. Then secure back the battery case.
  2. Zip-tie the Arcade Hoop LED strip around the perimeter of your basketball rim.
  3. Velcro the sensor box underneath the rim. This will detect when you score a goal.
  4. Lastly, velcro the sensor case behind the backboard. And you're ready to start shooting some arcade-like goals!


Light Strip Length: 160cm
Number of Beads: 144 LED
Line Length: 150cm
Packing Size: 22 x 22 x 5cm

What's in the box?

1x Revvlo™ Arcade Hoop

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