RETRACTABLE MAKEUP BAG—Open and close quickly & Flat bag

RETRACTABLE MAKEUP BAG—Open and close quickly & Flat bag

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The ordinary makeup bags will accumulate the cosmetics together.If the cosmetic you need is in the bottom,maybe it is struggle to found it,even need to pour out the all cosmetics.That is so waste time.Meanwhile,the big size of makeup bag will occupy some space in your luggage when you go out with some cosmetics.

There has a good thing that can store many cosmetics but very small.That is retractable makeup bag.

Comepared to other types of cosmetics bag,the retractable bag is more convenient.You can open it when you make up and pick the cosmetics you need,you don't need hard to found it,because the bag is flat when opened.This bag just need a small space to put it,which is better than other bags.

The retractable makeup bag is portable and useful.Less bulky suitcase limits the number of items you need to carry.So if there has a small makeup bag which can store many cosmetis,is isn't a good news?The retractable makeup bag is small when you pull it up.So it must be a good choose for you when you go out,especially traveling.

The design of retractable makeup bag is so reasonable,it has interlayer that can aviod bumping cosmetics.You just need one this bag,because it can store what you want.

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