MINI PERFUME ATOMIZER—3pcs just need $26.66

MINI PERFUME ATOMIZER—3pcs just need $26.66

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The perfume volume on market is bigger,so many people will choose separateit.However,the way of perfume distribute is various,some people will choose use syringe or small funnel to finish perfume distribute.Some perfume have a vaccume inside,so it is struggle to use the below way to distribute perfume.


Mini perfume atomizer can simplify the step.It take the technology of underfill,that is more useful.Ready-to-use,convenient and elegant, it is indispensable for your modern on-the-go lifestyle.

It can perfectly transfers your fragrance without spills or damaging exposure to air!You don't need to use other auxiliary tools, just direct pressure to seperate the perfume.Totally free of glass, this perfume atomizer is leakproof.

It is small and protable,just a pocket that also enough to put it,it fits in bags or pockets. When you go to travel,aircraft approved for carry-on baggage.


  • The item are just empty Perfume Bottle, without Perfume in the bottle.
  •  Please press few times to let the air out before put the perfume.
  • Check the bottom hole is works, and put the perfume into the bottle.