GECKO BRACKET—Protable & Easy use new product

GECKO BRACKET—Protable & Easy use new product

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Is it difficult for you to selfie when you go out?Some phone bracket are already in shape,so it's impossible to chage it.Various of phone holder on market may let you confuse to choose.However,there has an update products that may make you know the phone bracket again.

The gecko bracket is different to other phone holder,because you can change it shape optionally.One end is connected to the phone,and the other end is connected to where you want to put the phone rack.Whatever put in the table or in the car,even hang on the tree trunk,the geocko bracket all can achieve,just like a real geocko.

When you go out and want to take a photo,just connected it with phone and adjust the angle,put anywhere you want,and the perfect photo will be created.

It is small and portable,you can put it in your bag or hang on the belt.
Except hold phone or camera or phone,it also can hang things.It can bear objects several or even dozens of times heavier than it.
Magic phone rank,Do you want to own it?Please connect it to bluetooth quickly and experience it.If you have any question about this product,please contact with us.