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Want to take a clearer picture of the landscape but don't have camera?Too big and heavy camera is not easy to carry when traveling?Too low phone pixel make you puzzled?Too specialized to operate?Or the price is too expensive?

Maybe you need a new "camera"

That is a small equipment is very small,light and compact,you can take it with you wahtever you go and let you have a better camera experience.It's suitable for most smartphones(Android & iPhone).Compared to camera,it is easy to use,You don’t need any professional,it only takes a few seconds.

    No matter distant and near views,the magic zoom camera lens all can finish perfect shot.You just need to fix it on the phone camera,and then you can enjoy it.It can focus on the important point and blur the background when you shotting.
    This product use a high-definition coated lenses,it can realize hd shooting,making pictures more clearly,vibrant and saturated.Meanwhile,when shooting a long shot, a wide-angle lens can make photoes more realistic and clear.
    This design of zoom camera lens is reasonable.when you use it,you can adjust the focal length,which can let you take sharper pictures.18X zoom lens can making it fantastic for taking pics of sports matches and concerts,you don't have to worry about being too far away to see.
    The lens also use rubber oil injection,it can anti - sweat, dust and fingerprint.The adjust rotation are use of anti-skid treatment,it is more useful.We also include a tripod that will help you stabilize your phone better for easy shooting.
    If you want to buy it,you can ordered online.If you have any question,please contact with us.